Paper Problems


I have changed our wedding invitations SO many times. I think there’s at least 10 drafts saved to my mac right now. And the sad thing is I would title it “Wedding Invite Final” to make myself think “this is THE one” … welp now I just have “Wedding Invite Final 1” Wedding Invite Final 2”, etc.! I’m definitely being 100% picky about these pretty little things!

I really think the invite helps set the tone for the wedding & this is what guests will have up on their fridge leading up to the wedding. I want them to be traditional, fun and fit “us” so well. Matt and I looked at several websites for ideas but I new ultimately I wanted to design them. (Designing our Save-the-Dates was complicated enough for my picky self, I should have been prepared for the Invites to be just as bad!) I knew right off the bat that as much as I LOVE paper products, I preferred photography, flowers and good food more. Therefore, the bulk of our budget went to those aspects of the wedding. Designing all of our paper products was a way for me to be creative with the process, make sure everything flowed together AND save money! Matt came up with a super fun and very “us” idea for our RSVP card, and I love the simplicity of the Reception card and the Details card … it was the actual INVITATION that I kept looking back over. I ordered them from Smartpress (the same place as our Save the Dates) and I’m SO glad I ordered a hard proof. When it came in the mail and, you guessed it, I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t that THEY did a bad job, I just wasn’t happy with the font color or the Invite design. After an incredibly late night re-designing, I THINK and I HOPE this is the FINAL FINAL! These beauties have to be in the mail by the end of May and they require a little bit of DIY once they come in so I desperately need to LOVE this design. Fingers crossed y’all!! 




Bridal Shower & A [late] 3 month update!

It has been absolutely crazy around here y’all! I am so sorry I haven’t been on and updated everyone. Matt and I have officially started looking at townhouses to live in after the wedding so I spend my nights searching craigslist, trulia and other various sites for possible home options!! But a lot has been happening in #072013 world too 🙂 

My VERY first Bridal Shower took place on April 20th. It was absolutely beautiful and the girls did such an incredible job. I felt so loved, encouraged and definitely didn’t want it to end!! It was also super excited to open all the precious gifts for our new house … YAY for decorating and organizing our space! (No, I really AM excited to do that!!). 


love this group of silly women!

The 3 month mark has also come and gone … can you believe?! In less than 3 months we will be MARRIED! Completely ridiculous y’all!! Here’s a few things we’ve gotten done in wedding planning world:

-booked a rehearsal dinner location with Matt’s parents

-finished ordering the bridesmaid gifts, flower girl gift, father of the bride gift & parents of the groom gift

-ordered rose petals for our ceremony

-finished all but 1 sign for the reception!!

-ordered our invitations (eeekkk!) 

-filled out the Wedding Day timeline for our amazing photographer

-lost 5lbs. (YES!) and therefore scheduled my first dress fitting! 

-found jewelry for my dress (bracelets & earrings) 

-found a babysitter for the church nursery during the ceremony 

-DIY’d our “mr” and “mrs” toasting glasses

-officially picked all ceremony music (now onto the reception!) 


almost all of my amazing bridesmaids (isn’t that view stunning?!)

Here’s what I’m focusing on THIS month:

-finish the last sign

-make “mr” and “mrs” chair signs

-make “reserved” table signs

-stamp, address and mail the invitations!!! 

-continue working on my “wedding dress body” 

-work on love story table 


I KNOW these next 2 1/2 months are going to go by so fast. Between trying to find a house, our friends wedding festivities, 2 more showers and both our bachelor/bachelorette weekends – it’s about to get a little chaotic over here in Harrisonburg! But you know what? I wouldn’t ask for anything more 🙂 


always, kat


Bachelorette Party #1 [DC style]

I have some of the best girlfriends… I’m sure most Bride’s said that however, I really, REALLY do!

I remember talking about it back in December so it blows my mind that it’s already come & gone. The last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling incredibly stressed out (hence the last blog post). Unfortunately, my body does not physically handle stress well. I was getting headaches, feeling tired, fighting sinus issues and THEN the day before we left for DC, I got pink eye. FABULOUS. Weekends are completely booked from now until the wedding (you think I’m kidding but my poor planner can’t handle any more!) so canceling was not an option. My MOH, Heather, had put in so much time & effort coordinating with the girls, planning cute little details and just being her awesome self that I was not about to let my pink eye bring me down. Fortunately, it didn’t 🙂 

We had SO much fun laughing, talking, dancing, eating too much and just being girls. I ADORE these girls and am so blessed that they spent the weekend with me. It was the perfect combination of relaxing (wine & pizza) and dancing fun (hotel party & downtown dancing). I will never EVER forget it. It was the first of many, many fun 072013 weekend events … next up, my Bridgewater Bridal Shower in 2 weeks! 



always, kat

Decorating Dreams: Our Master Bedroom

I love decorating y’all! I love the idea of “creating” a space – from the furniture, to the layout, to the colors used … it just makes my heart so happy! I’ve had SO much fun thinking up ideas for me and my groom’s new home… a home I’ve never even seen. See, as of right now, we have NO CLUE where we’re going to live. We HOPE it’s a 2 bedroom here in Harrisonburg with a fenced-in backyard for Knox… but we’re not sure what God’s got in store for us just yet! Registering for our home goodies was a little tricky because we’re still in that limbo phase – How much kitchen storage will we have? Will we have room for that adorable living room ottoman? Should we get another bookshelf for the “guest” room we HOPE we have?

Although we still have quite a few questions about our home-to-be, one thing I knew I COULD dream up was the theme for each space. I knew I could go ahead and talk to Matt about the living room color scheme, the kitchen plates, the throw pillows (which he thinks, by the way, are completely useless – and I’m that girl who has 5 on her bed right now!), etc. If you saw my post a few weeks ago about our Living Room Inspiration, you may remember that Matt’s one rule was “no pink in public spaces”. Y’all I’m VERY much marrying a MAN – he’s never been a pink fan & never will be… and I’m 100% okay with that! We talked about doing Red, Yellow & Teal in our Kitchen & Living Room. I love that it’s fun & bright. I envision crisp white walls, light furniture & pops of red, yellow & teal in the wall décor, vases & throw pillows. One of my FAVORITE things on our registry is this red cabinet!

Because our Kitchen & Living Room are going to be so bright, I wanted our bedroom to have a softer, spa-like atmosphere. I love soft, cool, neutral tones & thought what better place to use those than the bedroom? I want it to feel relaxing and soft – I plan to use simple, clutter free décor. Think country rustic meets modern spa – maybe a mountain spa? Ha!

We knew we needed our comforter set to be really light, durable & machine washable because of Knox. That sweet boy is a shedder so his white hairs would easily show up on a dark comforter; and I want to be able to wash it whenever I wanted, no dry cleaning for this girl! I also knew it couldn’t be too girly (no ruffles or fluffy flowers for Matt). Fortunately, we found this one & I love it; Not too girly, not too bachelor pad, machine washable & the perfect color!

We also don’t have a bedroom suite; it’s a mix & match of what we already own. My bed doesn’t have a headboard (just a simple frame) so I think I’m going to do a collage of pictures/frames/artwork – maybe something like this. Thoughts?? Matt’s furniture is a darker wood & mine is distressed white. I plan to scatter the pieces around the room so they blend well TOGETHER – so they complement instead of distract. I’ve had my eye on these adorable pillows so they may show up on our new comforter set (a birthday present I just received!).

Here’s the Inspiration Board I created with our bedroom in mind. What do you think?


always, kat

072013: 4 Month Update!!

adorable straws!

adorable straws!

Time is going by so fast … everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, said engagement flies by – but I didn’t really believe them until now. It’s March 20th – exactly 4 months until 072013 and my heart is beating so fast!! I feel as if I’m going to blink & the wedding will be OVER! AHH!

Here’s a recap of last month’s goals:

Finish all vases & box them up (still have 5-10 more but I can FINALLY see the light at the end of the tunnel!)

Order Guestbook (found one, haven’t ordered it)

Order Unity Candle (found one, haven’t ordered it)

Loose 6lbs (only lost 3 – frustrating!!)

Collect & Chalkboard Paint the signs (5 total – have them all, changing my idea & not using chalkboard paint anymore)

Make Cake Topper

Order Straws & Make Sign

Continue working on belt & veil


A few things not on the list but got done:

Start Designing Paper Products: invites, rsvp cards, programs

Ordered ‘maids gifts part 2

Ordered flower girl gift

Mom started collected pictures for Legacy Table (she’s the best!)

Found adorable and oh-so-comfortable sparkly flip-flips for the reception

Starting looking at jewelry to go with my dress: haven’t falling in love with anything yet

Ordered silk petals for church


in love with this casual picture of the ‘maids

This month’s goals:

Finish last 5-10 vases

(Actually) Order Guest Book

(Actually) Order Unity Candle

Find Easel

Finish scrapbooks (and everything on Love Story Table)

Find 2 dress forms

Finish Invitations, Direction Cards, RSVP cards (and order them!)

Loose 5 lbs.

Weekend Recap: Our Birthday Celebration!

Hello sweet friends! Happy Monday – if Monday’s can be such a thing! Ha!

 I’m sure I join a lot of you living in the mountain regions of VA when I say that I am so TIRED of this snow! Where was it months ago?! I’m officially ready for SPRINGTIME! I want to wear sun dresses, capris and FLIP FLOPS! I will say, though, that I’m glad it didn’t start until Sunday because Saturday we had an amazing day planning with some pretty awesome people. 🙂

As you know, Matt’s birthday was last week; well, my birthday is THIS week! We’re March Babies! We decided to celebrate with a few friends (and my really cool parents) by going wine tasting on Afton Mountain. Y’all it was SO MUCH FUN! We visited 6 wineries, a cider brewery & a beer brewery for dinner. We laughed so much, ate great food, tasted some amazing wine & added a few bottles to our own collection. I hope your weekend was just as fun as mine was 🙂 


the group at our first stop of the day


Mom said this could be an advertisement for cute boots 🙂


me & my hubby-to-be!


the “family” (in a few short months!)

always, kat





072013: Centerpieces

I truly can’t believe it’s almost the middle of March! This VA weather keeps throwing me off too – one day I think it’s about time to pack up my winter coat, and then next day I’m pulling out my warmest scarf! I guess I won’t complain too much… as long as 072013 isn’t rainy I don’t care about the rest of the year!!

Matt and I’s reception is outside. We have a tent (potentially 2 tents if it rains) but there are some ADORABLE details that I so desperately want to be able to happen – but they’ll only work if it’s clear skies. Now, I won’t be giving away every fun detail about our reception but I figured I’d show y’all some inspiration I have for our centerpieces…

You keep hearing about my collection of vases – over 150 y’all! I knew from the start I wanted our centerpieces to be eclectic jars – mason jars, wine bottles, bud vases, milk glass, jelly jars, vintage vases… the list goes on and on! Between our parents, my friends and my love for antique stores, goodwill and TJ Maxx, we’ve collected a TON of vases & I’m so excited about them! Some have been spray-painted, some have been hot glued and some are just perfect the way they are… and after 7 months, I am SO close to being done!

2 weekends ago I brought them all up from the basement & spread them around the kitchen so I could arrange, rearrange, add more ribbon, etc. Matt walked in and couldn’t believe just how MANY we have! I will admit it IS a little nuts… it kind of looked like I needed to be on an episode of Hoarders! ha!

Anyway, I love how they truly give our reception a “garden-like” feel – almost as if you’re sitting at your kitchen table with an array of beautiful backyard-flowers decorating the room. Our florist is using white, peach, orange, deep pink & light pink flowers with assorted greenery. Think “freshly picked and gorgeous” 🙂

As much as I love the LOOK this creates, I’ll admit, I was INCREDIBLY nervous about the logistics. My mind constantly kicks into administration mode & I was afraid the logistics were going to be really complicated –  “How do I figure out how many to use per table? How many SHOULD I use? Will the florist have the before or do I take them to the reception?” Amanda has been so great to work with and really UNDERSTANDS what I want – that’s so refreshing! I’ve literally told her: 2 mason jar width, 2 wine bottle width per table of 8, and so on and so forth. I’m excited to see the final product because it will really be a random assortment on every table that FLOWS together, instead of being matchy-matchy… basically, even I don’t know what the final product will truly be on every table! The only table I’m being really specific with is the head table – but that’s because it’s sort of become my baby 🙂 Make sense?

Here’s a few photo’s I love (these aren’t necessarily the types of flowers we are going to use, just the overall effect of various jars I love)…




What do you think?! Did you do something similar for your centerpieces? If not, what ARE you doing? I’d love to hear 🙂

always, kat

all photos taken from pinterest