Why all the details?


I’ve talked a lot on here about the details of our Big Day… what the ‘maids are going to where, what types of flowers we’re going to have, how amazing our photographer is…

But someone said something to me the other week that really, really hurt & got me thinking about WHY I really do care about all the lovely details. (I know this person does not read this blog so therefore I don’t feel like I am calling him/her out however I’m not going to use their name. I’m only sharing this because it struck a cord with me that I think needs to be addressed.) This person was talking about how it’s completely ridiculous that I’ve put so much time & effort into the wedding; they were saying that everything about it is a scam, a waste of money and that Matt should want a wife who cares about more things than the wedding day. This person was also so blunt as to tell me that, unlike me, when they were married they made the MARRIAGE more important than the wedding.




I really had absolutely no idea what to say. I think I said something similar to “bless your little heart” and walked away. Embarrassingly, I am have then gone on my lunch break & shed a quick tear or two.

Although I know this person truly does NOT like me (I think we established that one!)and this was all said out spite, it still got me overanalyzing WHY I’m doing what I’m doing. WHY is this SUCH a big deal?! WHY have I spent a YEAR of my life planning?! WHY have I been dreaming of this for my ENTIRE LIFE?

Because it’s the first day of the rest of our lives.

Cheesy, but true! Our wedding day isn’t about the flowers or the dress or the food, it’s about our commitment to one another and to God, before those we hold most dear. The details helps us to EXPRESS that. I get an opportunity to shower my groom with what I do best… plan! And Matt and I get an opportunity to, as a couple, define who we are to our closest friends through the decisions we make about our big day. It’s the first day of the rest of our lives… why would we not want it to be amazing?!

Yes, the details, oh the details… they make my heart so excited I can barely stand it! And I pray every.single.day for no rain on July 20. And I’ve counted and recounting all the wedding decor to make sure it boxed, labeled & tagged just right…

But absolutely NONE of this would mean anything if Matt wasn’t the groom. I want our day to be dream-like, enchanted, romantic & magical because I have prayed for 24 years, dated him for 6 and loved him for 5… and now we have forever. How amazing!!!!

Now y’all know I love to plan. It’s always, always been a part of who I am. I strongly believe plans make things go smoother; they make the final outcome more enjoyable; and I honestly just have a really good time planning & organizing practically ANYTHING (it’s a problem, I know). So obviously planning our wedding has been a BLAST. I have had SO much fun!!!! I loved picking the fonts for our invitations and deciding on the color rose petals should go down the aisle. I find so much joy in all of those simple details. Does that mean I’m more excited about that then being his wife? Absolutely not! 

I read a quote on SMP one day that hit home with me. Forgive me for not remembering the exact wordage but to summarize: the blogger was saying that bride’s care so much for the details that make their big day so special because there is so much LOVE behind those details. AMEN! Why else would bride’s spend months and months on all of this!? Does it really matter what font we use on our invitations or if the rose petals scattered down the aisle are pink or white? No, not really. In the end, the vows will be said with the kiss sealing the deal… I’ll be his wife come 7:30pm July 20, 2013 and I truly want to cry just thinking about THAT detail 🙂

So to those of you planning a wedding: plan on, sweet brides, plan on! Pour your heart, pour your love into those details … but never, ever loose sight of the end result.

And to those of you who find all this “wedding planning business” a hunk of bologna: My heart is so sad for you. And not because you have no passion for planning, or you hate picking out wedding fonts & rose petal colors, but because you, dear friend, don’t have the desire to shower your groom with the details of the day, to pour your love out into an event that, God-willing, only happens once in a lifetime… and is the start of your very own happily ever after.




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