Check Out These Cuties!!

Check Out These Cuties!!

AHHH time is going by so fast y’all!! SOMEONE MAKE IT SLOW DOWN!!! It’s completely insane that THIS Saturday marks 3 months until 072013 AND my first Bridal Shower – EEKKK! How awesome! I know I’ve been really slacking with the blog recently but what can I say – life is just a little crazy right now! However, I am getting to check out quite a few things on the 072013 To-Do List so that’s a definite plus. One thing I’ve gotten done is I finally got around to ordering these ADORABLE straws!!! They make my heart so happy – I ADORE them! I found them back in Aug. and I KNEW they had to make a debut on our wedding day. I’m so exciting our guests will be sippin’ in style with this pretty little things. Check out Shop Sweet Lulu for so many more color options & other adorable party supplies.

Hope y’all are having a great week 🙂
always, kat


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