Bachelorette Party #1 [DC style]

I have some of the best girlfriends… I’m sure most Bride’s said that however, I really, REALLY do!

I remember talking about it back in December so it blows my mind that it’s already come & gone. The last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling incredibly stressed out (hence the last blog post). Unfortunately, my body does not physically handle stress well. I was getting headaches, feeling tired, fighting sinus issues and THEN the day before we left for DC, I got pink eye. FABULOUS. Weekends are completely booked from now until the wedding (you think I’m kidding but my poor planner can’t handle any more!) so canceling was not an option. My MOH, Heather, had put in so much time & effort coordinating with the girls, planning cute little details and just being her awesome self that I was not about to let my pink eye bring me down. Fortunately, it didn’t 🙂 

We had SO much fun laughing, talking, dancing, eating too much and just being girls. I ADORE these girls and am so blessed that they spent the weekend with me. It was the perfect combination of relaxing (wine & pizza) and dancing fun (hotel party & downtown dancing). I will never EVER forget it. It was the first of many, many fun 072013 weekend events … next up, my Bridgewater Bridal Shower in 2 weeks! 



always, kat


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