Stressed out Bride

Stressed out Bride

Y’all this has been a crazy time for me. I feel like in certain areas of life I’m taking one step forward, 2 steps back. It feels like 072013 is coming so QUICKLY and although I’m incredibly anxious about all the details coming together, part of me wants to beg time to STOP so I can soak up as much of this season as possible. Wedding season is officially under way for me and Matt. We’ve attended our first of 8 weddings and it was so much fun. We’ve got 2 coming up in May, 1 in June, our own in July (eekk!), 2 in August and 1 in September. PLUS he’s graduating in May, (hopefully) finding a teaching job in this area, I’m continuing to take MBA classes, both of our leases end Aug 1 so we’ll be moving right around the wedding and I’ve got 3 bridal showers & 2 bachelorette weekends to look forward to with my bridesmaids (the first of which is THIS weekend!!). Plus I’m a matron of honor for a sweet friend and her wedding activities are fast approaching! Y’all I’m exhausted just typing all this! Right now, I’m sitting on my bed looking at my complete MESS of a room, full of wedding crafts, the beginning stages of bridesmaid gifts, a half-packed suitcase for DC this weekend and a toy Knox has decided to shred. My life looks like a WRECK and sometimes, I really feel like I’m busting at the seams. Weight Watchers isn’t working as easy for me right now, my first dress fitting is in 3 weeks & I feel like as I cross of one thing from the wedding to-do’s, 2 more jump on there! But you know what? I only get to do this ONCE. I only get to marry the man I love, my high school sweetheart and very, VERY best friend ONE time. Am I stressed with this time in my life? Yep. Did have a complete melt-down last week, in front of my hubby-to-be? Oh yea. But am I so incredibly JOYFUL for being blessed with ALL this craziness? You bet. Life is full of chaotic moments and I’m at the phase of life where it’s going full-speed ahead. I want to REMEMBER this time y’all! I know it’s flying by so all I can do is pray that I don’t rush it, that I value every little thing about this moment because this is what little girls dream about.

always, kat


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