Decorating Dreams: Our Master Bedroom

I love decorating y’all! I love the idea of “creating” a space – from the furniture, to the layout, to the colors used … it just makes my heart so happy! I’ve had SO much fun thinking up ideas for me and my groom’s new home… a home I’ve never even seen. See, as of right now, we have NO CLUE where we’re going to live. We HOPE it’s a 2 bedroom here in Harrisonburg with a fenced-in backyard for Knox… but we’re not sure what God’s got in store for us just yet! Registering for our home goodies was a little tricky because we’re still in that limbo phase – How much kitchen storage will we have? Will we have room for that adorable living room ottoman? Should we get another bookshelf for the “guest” room we HOPE we have?

Although we still have quite a few questions about our home-to-be, one thing I knew I COULD dream up was the theme for each space. I knew I could go ahead and talk to Matt about the living room color scheme, the kitchen plates, the throw pillows (which he thinks, by the way, are completely useless – and I’m that girl who has 5 on her bed right now!), etc. If you saw my post a few weeks ago about our Living Room Inspiration, you may remember that Matt’s one rule was “no pink in public spaces”. Y’all I’m VERY much marrying a MAN – he’s never been a pink fan & never will be… and I’m 100% okay with that! We talked about doing Red, Yellow & Teal in our Kitchen & Living Room. I love that it’s fun & bright. I envision crisp white walls, light furniture & pops of red, yellow & teal in the wall décor, vases & throw pillows. One of my FAVORITE things on our registry is this red cabinet!

Because our Kitchen & Living Room are going to be so bright, I wanted our bedroom to have a softer, spa-like atmosphere. I love soft, cool, neutral tones & thought what better place to use those than the bedroom? I want it to feel relaxing and soft – I plan to use simple, clutter free décor. Think country rustic meets modern spa – maybe a mountain spa? Ha!

We knew we needed our comforter set to be really light, durable & machine washable because of Knox. That sweet boy is a shedder so his white hairs would easily show up on a dark comforter; and I want to be able to wash it whenever I wanted, no dry cleaning for this girl! I also knew it couldn’t be too girly (no ruffles or fluffy flowers for Matt). Fortunately, we found this one & I love it; Not too girly, not too bachelor pad, machine washable & the perfect color!

We also don’t have a bedroom suite; it’s a mix & match of what we already own. My bed doesn’t have a headboard (just a simple frame) so I think I’m going to do a collage of pictures/frames/artwork – maybe something like this. Thoughts?? Matt’s furniture is a darker wood & mine is distressed white. I plan to scatter the pieces around the room so they blend well TOGETHER – so they complement instead of distract. I’ve had my eye on these adorable pillows so they may show up on our new comforter set (a birthday present I just received!).

Here’s the Inspiration Board I created with our bedroom in mind. What do you think?


always, kat


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