072013: 4 Month Update!!

adorable straws!

adorable straws!

Time is going by so fast … everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, said engagement flies by – but I didn’t really believe them until now. It’s March 20th – exactly 4 months until 072013 and my heart is beating so fast!! I feel as if I’m going to blink & the wedding will be OVER! AHH!

Here’s a recap of last month’s goals:

Finish all vases & box them up (still have 5-10 more but I can FINALLY see the light at the end of the tunnel!)

Order Guestbook (found one, haven’t ordered it)

Order Unity Candle (found one, haven’t ordered it)

Loose 6lbs (only lost 3 – frustrating!!)

Collect & Chalkboard Paint the signs (5 total – have them all, changing my idea & not using chalkboard paint anymore)

Make Cake Topper

Order Straws & Make Sign

Continue working on belt & veil


A few things not on the list but got done:

Start Designing Paper Products: invites, rsvp cards, programs

Ordered ‘maids gifts part 2

Ordered flower girl gift

Mom started collected pictures for Legacy Table (she’s the best!)

Found adorable and oh-so-comfortable sparkly flip-flips for the reception

Starting looking at jewelry to go with my dress: haven’t falling in love with anything yet

Ordered silk petals for church


in love with this casual picture of the ‘maids

This month’s goals:

Finish last 5-10 vases

(Actually) Order Guest Book

(Actually) Order Unity Candle

Find Easel

Finish scrapbooks (and everything on Love Story Table)

Find 2 dress forms

Finish Invitations, Direction Cards, RSVP cards (and order them!)

Loose 5 lbs.


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