072013: Centerpieces

I truly can’t believe it’s almost the middle of March! This VA weather keeps throwing me off too – one day I think it’s about time to pack up my winter coat, and then next day I’m pulling out my warmest scarf! I guess I won’t complain too much… as long as 072013 isn’t rainy I don’t care about the rest of the year!!

Matt and I’s reception is outside. We have a tent (potentially 2 tents if it rains) but there are some ADORABLE details that I so desperately want to be able to happen – but they’ll only work if it’s clear skies. Now, I won’t be giving away every fun detail about our reception but I figured I’d show y’all some inspiration I have for our centerpieces…

You keep hearing about my collection of vases – over 150 y’all! I knew from the start I wanted our centerpieces to be eclectic jars – mason jars, wine bottles, bud vases, milk glass, jelly jars, vintage vases… the list goes on and on! Between our parents, my friends and my love for antique stores, goodwill and TJ Maxx, we’ve collected a TON of vases & I’m so excited about them! Some have been spray-painted, some have been hot glued and some are just perfect the way they are… and after 7 months, I am SO close to being done!

2 weekends ago I brought them all up from the basement & spread them around the kitchen so I could arrange, rearrange, add more ribbon, etc. Matt walked in and couldn’t believe just how MANY we have! I will admit it IS a little nuts… it kind of looked like I needed to be on an episode of Hoarders! ha!

Anyway, I love how they truly give our reception a “garden-like” feel – almost as if you’re sitting at your kitchen table with an array of beautiful backyard-flowers decorating the room. Our florist is using white, peach, orange, deep pink & light pink flowers with assorted greenery. Think “freshly picked and gorgeous” 🙂

As much as I love the LOOK this creates, I’ll admit, I was INCREDIBLY nervous about the logistics. My mind constantly kicks into administration mode & I was afraid the logistics were going to be really complicated –  “How do I figure out how many to use per table? How many SHOULD I use? Will the florist have the before or do I take them to the reception?” Amanda has been so great to work with and really UNDERSTANDS what I want – that’s so refreshing! I’ve literally told her: 2 mason jar width, 2 wine bottle width per table of 8, and so on and so forth. I’m excited to see the final product because it will really be a random assortment on every table that FLOWS together, instead of being matchy-matchy… basically, even I don’t know what the final product will truly be on every table! The only table I’m being really specific with is the head table – but that’s because it’s sort of become my baby 🙂 Make sense?

Here’s a few photo’s I love (these aren’t necessarily the types of flowers we are going to use, just the overall effect of various jars I love)…




What do you think?! Did you do something similar for your centerpieces? If not, what ARE you doing? I’d love to hear 🙂

always, kat

all photos taken from pinterest 


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