Weekend Recap: My Wedding Jewelry Dilemma

Hello blog readers! This weekend was a bit CRAZY however a lot got accomplished in a short period of time. I went to Fredericksburg with my matron of honor, one of sweet bridesmaids and her daughter (our flower girl). I wasn’t planning to get as much accomplished for the wedding as I did so that was a huge plus! I found some AMAZING deals on frames at Hobby Lobby and spent about 2 hours searching Charming Charlie high & low for cute wedding jewelry… there lies the reason for this post! I’m having a dilemma on what jewelry I should wear … 

Here’s what I KNOW I want – pretty dangle earrings, a sparkly bracelet & no necklace. I’m not a “stud earring” girl. I know it sounds weird, but I think they make my face look fat! So I know I want pretty, somewhat sparkly, dangle earrings. I also think a necklace will be TOO much yet a sparkly bracelet would blend everything together. But it’s not like I can carry my dress around in stores with me looking for the perfect pair! I’ve found a few on Etsy but their either (a) over budget or (b) I don’t like them ENOUGH. So I need your help!! I know I can’t show you what my dress looks like (some things need to be a surprise!), but I thought y’all could still over me some advice. Which one do you like best? Which one do you think suites ME and OUR WEDDING best? 


I love the teardrop shape… and it’s big but not TOO big; I don’t want it to look obnoxiously fake. 


These may be TOO simple… but I love how far down they dangle


I wouldn’t wear these for the ceremony – I would wear something more traditional & then put these fun ones on for the reception. Thoughts? 


Or I could wear cute, simple, pale pink drop earrings all night; they’re a cute mixture of traditional & modern – with the simple drop yet the pale pink color. And theres a tad bit of sparkle on them too.  Would they work for BOTH the ceremony & reception? 

Let me know what you think!

always, kat


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