072013: ceremony decor

Originally Matt and I envisioned our ceremony on a mountain hillside – with a beautiful trellis covered in flowers & a gorgeous mountain landscape. Sounds pretty amazing right?! Well, unfortunately we didn’t find a reception location that worked with that vision so we went with Plan B – a church. Now, don’t get me wrong – we are really happy with our location. Plan B is working out pretty perfect! Matt said if our ceremony wasn’t in the mountains, it needed to be in a church. One of the prettiest churches in our hometown happens to be the church I grew up in AND the church my parents were married in almost 30 years ago. Talk about tradition!

Here’s a few key things about our ceremony: candlelight, candlelight & more candlelight!

Let’s face it y’all – candles are gorgeous, soft, romantic and oh-so-cheap … YES! Since guests aren’t at the ceremony very long, I knew I didn’t want to use a lot of our florist budget at the ceremony. (It’s not that I don’t want it to be gorgeous – I just want MORE gorgeousness at the reception since there are so many FUN details there!) Candles fit our theme really well & look gorgeous in the traditional church setting. We had also talked about having my dad built a trellis to place on the stage at the church… then we factored in our 14 person bridal party, pastor, unity candle & US …. we quickly realized we’d be really cramped up there! I’m still looking at some other ideas and haven’t quite figured out what it will look like; it really depends on the budget & my DIY timeline! I know we’re not there very long, and Katelyn prefers Family Portrait time outside since she’s a natural light photographer, but this IS the spot where we are ACTUALLY saying “I Do” so I’d like it to be pretty! Pinterest is EXPLODING with pretty options for a traditional, romantic & simple ceremony. Here’s a few photos I keep coming back to …


petals down the aisle – gorgeous! (but is anyone else annoyed with the “exit” sign?! ha!) 


hydrangea & simple ribbon … maybe every 3rd pew – or just on the pews reserved for family? 


I REALLY hope a wreath likes this makes an appearance on 072013… I can just envision this beauty on the Sanctuary doors! 

What do you think? Any ideas for what I could do? What did YOU do to decorate your ceremony?

always, kat


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