072013: Inspiration Board

On Tuesday I talked about how it is SO important to have a theme, a vision, for your Big Day. Whether it’s 2 words, a few phrases, a picture or even a song you love … you and your groom need something to give you direction and keep things flowing together in a natural and beautiful way. I know yesterday was our 5 month update post, but since my USUAL 072013 post is on a Thursday, I figured it was only natural to share our Inspiration Board! I took our key words and formulated a board inspired by Pinterest and other wedding blog images.


This little beauty is what I come back to time and time again when I see a fun Pinterest idea and think “Would this work on 072013?!”. My Pinterest boards are really helpful for the more specific details (yes, I have multiple 072013 boards!) but I think it’s helpful to pick just a FEW words and just a FEW pictures to REALLY get your point across. Our boards on Pinterest can get really overwhelming can’t they?! We pin things, then pin some more and after a while, you have 200+ pins on ONE board and there’s no way you’ll remember everything you liked!! This single board I created is my ultimate go-to. If you’re planning a wedding (or any fun event), try making your own board with just a few pictures & words. And if you need help, give me a shout-out – I’d love to help create the perfect board for YOU!

always, kat


2 thoughts on “072013: Inspiration Board

    • Oh thank you!! I started following yours after I realized you had one via Katelyn James… I may or may not stalk her weddings 🙂 And girlll let me tell you, I was OBSESSED with yours! I LOVED your bouquet, your detailed reception decorations & that adorable umbrella y’all used in portraits! (Stalker much?! ha!) But it was all so gorgeous 🙂

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