072013: Bouquets

Y’all I LOVE flowers! Matt knows whenever he needs a gift for me (birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary, etc) to get me a beautiful bouquet and I’ll be just fine 🙂 There’s something about flowers that make me so very HAPPY! I always knew flowers would be a big part of our wedding (in fact even Daddy told Mama and I we had to keep a good budget for flowers!). I’m LOVING that are reception is in a GARDEN – how perfect?! We will have huge hydrangea bushes in bloom (fingers crossed), tons of gorgeous green tree and a beautiful canopy of Crepe Myrtles. We are definitely playing up the local landscape by ACCENTING it versus hiding it. One of my all time favorite floral details at our reception have to do the the Crepe Myrtles (so the rain HAS to stay away)! But this post isn’t about our reception florals, it’s about my vision for the lovely bouquets…

Since flowers have always been something I love, I couldn’t wait to jump right into my bouquet. See the bride’s bouquet is SO important y’all! If you’re a bride, take note of this – – –It’s going to be in 90% of your wedding pictures and should accent and accessorize your dress beautifully!! When I started pinning bouquets I adored, I realized I loved bouquets that fell into these categories: LOOSE, BRIGHT and FRESHLY PICKED. I love different textures of flowers, berries and greenery. I love the “I-just-walked-into-the-garden-and-picked-this-myself-look”. Now, I’m not going to give away EVERYTHING about my bouquet (because I know Amanda at Anthomanic  is going to blow me away when I see it) but here’s a few inspirational photo’s I love (all from my Pinterest board):




I may or may not be obsessed with these lovely blooms! Now these are not exactly what my beautiful bouquet will look like – the types of flowers I’m using are a little different but I love how loose and soft these beauties are! I’m a huge fan of a mixture of peach, orange, petal pink, fuchsia and blush flowers – I want my bouquet to be BRIGHT and FUN while also pulling in some of the softer colors in our color palette;  I love big, soft and fluffy looking flowers so of course garden roses and hydrangeas are on the top of my list. (For all you summer brides: unfortunately peonies are NOT in season in the middle of July; but Garden Roses are a STUNNING alternative!) For the ‘maids, we’re going classic and soft with a mixture of all white flowers – still very loose and full, but keeping them all white and fluffy! (I love the contrast of the bride wearing white with very bright flowers & the ‘maids wearing color and holding white flowers. PLUS that worked out in our favoring seeing as how white flowers are more cost efficient and I have 8 bridesmaids… that adds up fast y’all!) Here’s some pictures I love for their bouquets (all from my Pinterest board):



What do you think?! What does or did YOUR beautiful bouquet look like?!

always, kat


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