072013: Inspiration Board

On Tuesday I talked about how it is SO important to have a theme, a vision, for your Big Day. Whether it’s 2 words, a few phrases, a picture or even a song you love … you and your groom need something to give you direction and keep things flowing together in a natural and beautiful way. I know yesterday was our 5 month update post, but since my USUAL 072013 post is on a Thursday, I figured it was only natural to share our Inspiration Board! I took our key words and formulated a board inspired by Pinterest and other wedding blog images.


This little beauty is what I come back to time and time again when I see a fun Pinterest idea and think “Would this work on 072013?!”. My Pinterest boards are really helpful for the more specific details (yes, I have multiple 072013 boards!) but I think it’s helpful to pick just a FEW words and just a FEW pictures to REALLY get your point across. Our boards on Pinterest can get really overwhelming can’t they?! We pin things, then pin some more and after a while, you have 200+ pins on ONE board and there’s no way you’ll remember everything you liked!! This single board I created is my ultimate go-to. If you’re planning a wedding (or any fun event), try making your own board with just a few pictures & words. And if you need help, give me a shout-out – I’d love to help create the perfect board for YOU!

always, kat

072013: 5 Month Update!!


I’m obsessed with this beauty! Style Me Pretty never fails to impress.

WOW y’all it’s only 5 months until 072013! I can’t BELIEVE it!! I feel like the next 5 are going to FLY by because I am just so busy.

Here’s a recap of last month’s goals:

Meet with DOC to walk through Reception

Finalize menu with Caterer

Have another consultant with Amanda (florist)

Finish all vases and box them up (hopefully they’ll be done by Sunday – why are there so many?!)

Start researching groomsmen attire

Finalize room block for guests

Call honeymoon to confirm (BookIt confirms our reservation through the automated message, but when I try to talk to a HUMAN to confirm the Honeymoon Bliss Package & King Size Bed request, it’s literally been a 30+ minute wait every time… so annoying!) 

Start design process on veil and belt

Order Guestbook (picked it out, haven’t ordered it yet)

Loose 5lbs (I only lost 4 … so close)

And here’s a few things that weren’t on the list but got done:

Start ordering bridesmaid gifts (can’t wait to spoil my girls!)

Pick up last of the bridesmaids dresses(sigh of relief)

Find unity candle (still need to order it)

Book videographer (I am so excited about this one!!) 

Finalize date and place for bachelorette weekend (NYC here we come!!!)


Now here’s what’s on the agenda for this month:

Finish all vases & box them up

Order Guestbook

Order Unity Candle

Loose 6lbs

Collect & Chalkboard Paint the signs (5 total)

Make Cake Topper

Order Straws & Make Sign

Spray paint lanterns

Continue working on belt & veil

Any suggestions for anyone who has used chalkboard paint before? I’ve never used it so I hope I don’t have too many “trial and error” attempts!!

Happy Wednesday friends 🙂

always, kat

Wedding Planner 101: Having a VISION


072013 is almost exactly 5 months away and that’s CRAZY! I remember hitting the 10 month mark in September and feeling like July was forever-away. Boy was I wrong… these last 5 months have gone by SO fast and I’m sure the next 5 will too. That’s both really EXCITING and TERRIFYING! I feel like there’s SO much more to do yet I can’t WAIT for the Big Day to finally be here! But this post isn’t about the to-do list (that’ll be tomorrow’s post!). Today I wanted to talk with you about having a VISION. That, my friends, is so very important during the wedding process. EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING stems from that! Not only do you and your hubby-to-be want guests to ENJOY your wedding experience, but you want everything from the venue to the flowers to the décor to flow effortlessly together.

So where do you start? How do you come up with YOUR vision when Pinterest is exploding with so many possibilities?

It’s actually pretty simple! Sit down with a cute pen, your wedding binder & your fiancé. Start brainstorming! Write down key words/phrases that you want guests to think when they see your wedding. Write down what YOU want to feel when you walk into the reception – when you see everything put together for the first time. Do you want something bold & bright, rustic & charming, soft & sweet? How do you want to feel in your wedding dress: relaxed, casual, like-a-princess? How do you envision your groom: tux, bowtie, jacketless with the-sleeves-rolled-up? All of these things shape EXACTLY what your wedding will look like! Do you want guests playing yard games during cocktail hour or sipping on red wine on the patio? Here’s an example: my sweet friend Olivia just recently got engaged (YAY!) and when I asked her what she was thinking she said she envisions guests walking into the reception and saying a breathy “ahhh”. She wants guests to be completely breathless, she wants something soft and simple & so breathtaking in itself. Because of that, her color palette is very soft, light and spa-like – using creams, greys and blue-hues. Now can you image if she chose red & teal? Not the same reaction right? Now red & teal or so fun together – but you don’t think “breathless” with red & teal do you? She and her fiancé have a vision and are stemming other aspects of their wedding off of that very theme.

It can make the planning process SO much easier if you have an idea of what you’re looking for. Pinterest can be INCREDIBLY helpful however it can also be REALLY overwhelming! Once you have a vision, a theme, you can better pick wedding colors, a venue, your dress, and Pinterest-inspired details to incorporate.

Day Two of our engagement I made our list… now, at this point we didn’t even have a DATE set yet! We had NO vendors booked… NOTHING was done. But I knew in order to help me find direction in all of that planning, I needed something to always come back too. Yes, you guessed it, I was always that girl who dreamed of Wedding Day… but when it was ACTUALLY about to happen it takes on a whole new meaning! Matt and I sat down and talked about what HE wanted in our Big Day too so there are aspects of our wedding that are being planned BECAUSE of him and because of OUR relationship. Here are a few words we came up with initially:

Matt’s List: Traditional, Southern, Formal Atmosphere and Some Aspect Outside

Kat’s List: Romantic, Happy, Bright, Tons of Flowers and Full of Details

Now here’s how this lovely list has shaped our wedding: A traditional church ceremony with romantic candlelight; a night wedding, groomsmen in full suits and long bridesmaid gowns; a pink and orange color palette is bright & happy while also tying in our favorite colors; our reception venue is unique, very southern and incorporates outdoor elements; it also happens to be in a garden so there are plenty of natural blooms around. We also have several details to leave guests saying “that is so Matt & Kat” but I won’t be giving away those just yet  

Because of our vision, 072013 is coming together so much easier than if I had NO idea what we wanted! Clearly those adorable burlap & lace mason jars would NOT fit into our vision however white lanterns, candles, happy balloons & bright ribbon fit right in!Have YOU thought of a Wedding Day vision? What are you dreaming up in that pretty little head of yours? Or on that Pinterest board I know you have? 🙂

always, kat

Weekend Recap: Shoes, A Baptism & Bad Traffic

What a fun weekend it was; I hope you had a fun one too! Here’s a few highlights:

1) I was able to meet up with 2 of my bridesmaids so now all of my girls OFFICIALLY have their beautiful gowns (EEKK!!) AND I found shoes for my good friend Megan’s wedding (don’t you just love the Rack Room buy one, get one 50% deal?!)

2) One of my dear friends (and bridesmaids) was BAPTIZED on Sunday!! I ADORE her and am BEYOND excited to see her growth in Christ the last year. She’s on fire right now & I love the seeing the power of Christ in her!

3) And last but not least, Matt and I saw Rascal Flatts on Saturday night!!

For Christmas he bought me tickets to the Rascal Flatts Concert in Charlottesville; I remember opening them and feeling like it would take FOREVER for February to arrive… but in the blink of an eye February 16th arrived. He took me to C’ville early so we could walk around the beautiful downtown district (it was COLD but fun); then we went out to dinner… and sat in traffic for 50 minutes to go all of 1.8 miles!! I was SO annoyed y’all. Now, anyone that knows me knows that patience is NOT easy for me. I’m actually quite horrible at it. I’m sitting in the car watching the clock get closer to 7:30pm and I was furious with EVERY SINGLE CAR in front of us; I was just imagining The Band Perry playing and getting so ANGRY that I was missing their act … then Matt hears “Better Dig Two” (their latest hit) on the radio, turns it up loud and pretends we’re at the concert! Man I love him 🙂 He’s clapping and looking like a total lunatic and you know what? I loved every minute of it! He ALWAYS knows when to make me smile … even when 10 seconds before I was snapping at him as if HE could make the cars in front of us move! What a sweet man. Yeah the traffic was a bummer but did we miss the concert? No! God reminded me yet again that just because things aren’t going according to MY plan, that doesn’t mean they won’t work out in the end. I need to just let go, relax and ENJOY this beautiful, crazy life… even if every aspect isn’t perfectly planned out. Matt is so good at that; he’s so playful, carefree & fun; I realized this weekend how much I want to be so much more like that. Now, because of that silly traffic, I have a memory I will never, EVER forgot … my hubby-to-be clapping, singing and looking like an idiot just to make me smile 🙂

always, kat

(PS. And yes, we DID make it in time to see The Band Perry & Rascal Flatts – and we were given upgraded seats to boot!!)

[Inspiration Board] Valentine’s Day

Y’all this week is FLYING by! I’m so sorry I’ve been slacking with my posts this week. As we speak, I’m eating a quick dinner and about to head out the door for my MBA night class (yuck!). It’s snowing outside and I want NOTHING more than to sit around in PJ’s and blog stalk! So while I’m trying my hardest to master Accounting 3, enjoy this little Valentine’s themed inspiration board I put together! Our adorable flower girl is celebrating her birthday tomorrow so I thought it would be fun to make a board for all the V-Day Babies out there … or for anyone who loves to throw a cute themed-party 🙂


What are YOUR plans tomorrow?! Single or taken – you better be planning to have a fun day!

always, kat

072013: Bouquets

Y’all I LOVE flowers! Matt knows whenever he needs a gift for me (birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary, etc) to get me a beautiful bouquet and I’ll be just fine 🙂 There’s something about flowers that make me so very HAPPY! I always knew flowers would be a big part of our wedding (in fact even Daddy told Mama and I we had to keep a good budget for flowers!). I’m LOVING that are reception is in a GARDEN – how perfect?! We will have huge hydrangea bushes in bloom (fingers crossed), tons of gorgeous green tree and a beautiful canopy of Crepe Myrtles. We are definitely playing up the local landscape by ACCENTING it versus hiding it. One of my all time favorite floral details at our reception have to do the the Crepe Myrtles (so the rain HAS to stay away)! But this post isn’t about our reception florals, it’s about my vision for the lovely bouquets…

Since flowers have always been something I love, I couldn’t wait to jump right into my bouquet. See the bride’s bouquet is SO important y’all! If you’re a bride, take note of this – – –It’s going to be in 90% of your wedding pictures and should accent and accessorize your dress beautifully!! When I started pinning bouquets I adored, I realized I loved bouquets that fell into these categories: LOOSE, BRIGHT and FRESHLY PICKED. I love different textures of flowers, berries and greenery. I love the “I-just-walked-into-the-garden-and-picked-this-myself-look”. Now, I’m not going to give away EVERYTHING about my bouquet (because I know Amanda at Anthomanic  is going to blow me away when I see it) but here’s a few inspirational photo’s I love (all from my Pinterest board):




I may or may not be obsessed with these lovely blooms! Now these are not exactly what my beautiful bouquet will look like – the types of flowers I’m using are a little different but I love how loose and soft these beauties are! I’m a huge fan of a mixture of peach, orange, petal pink, fuchsia and blush flowers – I want my bouquet to be BRIGHT and FUN while also pulling in some of the softer colors in our color palette;  I love big, soft and fluffy looking flowers so of course garden roses and hydrangeas are on the top of my list. (For all you summer brides: unfortunately peonies are NOT in season in the middle of July; but Garden Roses are a STUNNING alternative!) For the ‘maids, we’re going classic and soft with a mixture of all white flowers – still very loose and full, but keeping them all white and fluffy! (I love the contrast of the bride wearing white with very bright flowers & the ‘maids wearing color and holding white flowers. PLUS that worked out in our favoring seeing as how white flowers are more cost efficient and I have 8 bridesmaids… that adds up fast y’all!) Here’s some pictures I love for their bouquets (all from my Pinterest board):



What do you think?! What does or did YOUR beautiful bouquet look like?!

always, kat

[Tuesday Tips] Wedding Blogs to Bookmark


You know how boys tend to know every little thing about sports? Things like: what player just got traded, who’s playing who on Sunday, who won the last Super Bowl (okay, I know that one – RAVENS!), etc. But I’m always blown away at the knowledge Matt has of football. It’s crazy to me that he remembers who won the Super Bowl in 1999, what team drafted who and I’m willing to bet my life he could tell me names of 85% of the Redskins players (I think I know three – ha!). Why does he know SO much?! Because he LOVES it! He’s so incredibly passionate about football that he ENJOYS watching games, learning all the rules, knowing the players and all records of the games. When we first started planning 072013 I think Matt was a little taken back with just how much I knew about weddings! He joked with others that I’d have our wedding planned in a month… and I may or may not have done that (just kidding:) See like him, I have a passion. And you guessed it – weddings! Now, I can hold my own when I’m watching sports – I understand baseball, football and basketball pretty well if I do say so myself! But at the end of the day, I’d rather stalk my favorite wedding blogs then play Fantasy Football. Because I’ve grown to love the wedding industry and I’m fascinated with it, I have a few blogs I constantly go back to because I find them not only BEAUTIFUL but also USEFUL. I LEARN from them; I love reading their tips and tricks, looking through pages and pages of glorious “real wedding” images and getting to know the bloggers themselves. I feel like I have friends in the industry even though we’ve never met & probably never will! I wanted to share a few of my all-time favorite wedding blogs because although Pinterest is full of an overwhelming amount of good ideas, these blogs are too! Start bookmarking them ladies, you won’t regret it 🙂

Southern Weddings: Looking for bow-ties, good food & southern hospitality? This blog is full of beautiful images, southern traditions & everything lovely under the Mason/Dixon line. I’ve read V5 so many times y’all! I’m constantly coming up with new ideas from their Real Southern Weddings series & I adore meeting each Southern Bride of the Month (and looking at their Southern Bride Bloggers)!

Style Me Pretty: Classic beauty! I could sit and look at this blog for HOURS. They have so many stunning images and real weddings from all over the world; their Best of 2012 magazine is a favorite of mine – grab a cup of your favorite drink & check it out here! And don’t forget their Little Black Book blog. It’s a must-read too!

Grey Likes Weddings: I feel incredibly modern, feminine & fashionable when I read this blog… Like I’m a sitting-in-my-NYC-apartment-drinking-a-glass-of-wine-wearing-manolos kind of girl;  I love it! I not only love the Real Weddings series but I also LOVE the Beauty & Fashion series! What every girl loves: weddings & fashion 🙂

Green Wedding Shoes: My favorite part of Green Wedding Shoes is the DIY idea section; I LOVE seeing fun, easy and cost efficient projects come to life! I’m proud to say our 072013 florist writes a monthly DIY post for them; check out her latest here! (She’s pretty fantastic!)

Em for Marvelous: She’s not completely dedicated to weddings, but I had to throw her in here! I have learned a TON of practical advice from her blog series about her own wedding and she writes posts about life AFTER the big day – setting a budget, buying a house, etc. It’s so useful! And on a side-note, her Etsy shop is adorable!

Do you have any lovely wedding blogs you enjoy reading? Please share! I’d love to check them out!

always, kat