Wedding Planning 101: Ways to Stay Organized

ImageI am an avid planner. I LOVE planning! Y’all I literally have lists for my lists; my mind is constantly going in “to-do” mode! I’m always thinking ahead and frequently annoy Matt with my “what are going to do next weekend” question.  I really ENJOY re-organizing and making my life a little more logical, practical and clutter-free. So, because of my avid passion for planning, you would think long-distance wedding planning would be a breeze right?! ha! Long-distance wedding planning quickly became the LAST thing I wanted to tackle … and I’m only 2 hours away from our venues & vendors; I can’t imagine being STATES away! Over the last 6 months, I would try to cram so much “wedding” into one weekend that by Sunday night I felt like I needed a weekend from my weekend. Have you ever felt that way? Now, of course it’s FUN but it’s EXHAUSTING too! This past weekend I woke up at 6am, drove to Fredericksburg, met my Mama, DOC and Caterer at the Reception Venue from 10am to 12pm, picked up my veil (EKK!) and then met with the florist from 1:30 to 3pm. THEN I drove to DC to spend the remainder of my weekend celebrating my MOH’s 24th birthday. To say I was tired by Sunday night was definitely an understatement! Did I get a lot accomplished? You bet! But as much as I LOVE planning the wedding, I have to know when I’m stretching myself too thin. If I cram too much into one 24 hour day or even 48 hour weekend, I become tired & grumpy and don’t ENJOY the experience as much. Planning is FUN y’all! And planning your BIG DAY should be the MOST fun thing to plan! We, as brides, need to cherish this time and really enjoy every single detail. Now, I’m far from perfect… I’m slowly learning that little piece of wisdom! My Martha Stewart Planner gets me through those crazy weekends & keeps up with all my sticky-notes, diagrams and timelines. But staying organized and avoiding the stress of the day isn’t always easy. And if you’re like me, sometimes the LITTLES things feel like the biggest! Here’s a few tips that really help me stay organized, focused & less stressed:  

A wedding binder. I suggest physically making one, not just keeping everything electronically. You can keep contracts, notes, print outs of your favorite pinterest images, a spare pen, etc. Barnes & Noble has some really cute ones that come with timelines and suggested questions for vendors, etc; I tried using one and it was GREAT however I’m really OCD about my organization so I ended up making my own using the Martha Stewart Collection at Staples.

Monthly goals. Sometimes I think looking at everything you need to accomplish in the next 6 months can be REALLY stressful. It has really helped me to break everything down by month. If you remember from my blog post here, I wrote out my monthly goals. I keep a copy in my Wedding Binder and it’s so fun to cross those pesky things off!

A stress reliever. It doesn’t matter what it is! When I’m really getting stressed about 072013 things you know what I like to do? Watch wedding videos online. I really enjoy watching other people’s videos… creepy right?! For me, it puts it into perspective. I visually see WHY I’m doing this. I see their love, their marriage come to life… I remember that it’s not about ME or HIM; it’s about our covenant before God. It’s a beautiful, sacred covenant and I’m so blessed to be making it with Matt. I’m not saying it’s easy for me to give up the details, to think about the idea that it could POUR down rain and totally ruin a lot of what we’ve been working on… that really sucks!! But regardless, he’ll be my husband & I’ll be his wife and I’m SO ready for that! Here are a few videographers I love watching: Josh Gooden, Jeremy Mitchell, Lovell Productions and Inkspot Crow.

So if any of you bride-to-be’s are struggling with the stress of long-distance wedding planning, or your anxious about the stress of your growing wedding to-do list – RELAX! It’s YOUR day – no matter what happens between now and then, you and your groom will be MARRIED (ahh!). You get to be with HIM every day for the rest of your life. Think about that and try not smile 🙂

Do any of you have any great tips for long-distance wedding planning or just wedding planning in general?! Let me know… I LOVE learning new ways to plan!

always, kat



2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning 101: Ways to Stay Organized

  1. Ah, I love Martha Stewart collection! I’m working on creating a planner right now using her discbound notebook, which it looks like you used too? Did you use the paper it comes with or did you print your own? & If you printed it, did you buy a discbound punch as well? I’m trying to decide if buying the punch is worth the investment or if there are any companies that will punch it for me. I have been googling this for weeks to little avail!

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