Decorating Dreams: Our Living Room

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to most of you that I LOVE to shop… I enjoy online shopping, in store shopping, thrift store shopping and shopping at boutiques (if I can afford it!). Pretty much ANY sort of shopping – I’m there! 🙂 I really enjoy putting together new outfits, accessorizing and just having FUN with my clothes. The last few months, ever since Matt and I starting our wedding registry, I’ve found that when I walk into TJ Maxx, Target or Kohls… I immediately head for the “home” department. I ignore (well, mostly ignore!) all the clothes, purses and shoes and start looking at all the cute home items. Why? Because I am SO ready to decorate The Schmoyer home!! I can’t WAIT to get my hands on our first home… wherever that may be!! See, Matt and I don’t live together right now; right now we don’t even know WHERE our first home is going to be!! Registering was HARD for us because we don’t know what kind of space we’ll be working with. We know what we WANT to have, but it all depends on what’s available in our budget and in the area we want to  live in.  Because I’m SUCH a planner, that was really tough for me! I want to know NOW! I want to start envisioning where to put furniture, where to hang pictures and what our little abode will look like. Unfortunately, we probably won’t know until right before the wedding; July will be a CRAZY month for us because we’ll be moving as well as getting married & going on a honeymoon… oh boy! But just because I don’t know EXACTLY what the space will look like, I know how I want to decorate 🙂 Matt’s only request was no pink in common areas (meaning if there’s space for an office I’m allowed to thrown in some pink in “my” space – yippee!). I knew I wanted our Living Room to be BRIGHT and FUN and VIBRANT because that’s the type of home I envision us having; it fits our personalities so well! I found a pillow on pinterest that became my inspiration – red, royal blue, yellow and teal with pops of navy, white & creme. I was BEYOND excited when I walked into Target two weeks ago and saw an explosion of this color scheme in their home decor section!! I immediately added a few fun finds to our registry. 🙂 Our Kitchen will actually fit this theme too but for now, I just wanted to show y’all my ideas for our Living Room space … 





What do you think?! Have you used this color scheme before? Any advice? Any fun finds you’ve seen that would match perfectly?! 

always, kat


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