New Blog… Same Content :)

Y’all I am SO very excited about this new blog!! Okay, I should clarify what I mean by “new”… the blog CONTENT is not new … but the blog ITSELF is new. See, I’ve been having SO much fun blogging all sorts of fun details about 072013 that I really wanted to start a blog that combined my love for 072013 AND my obsession/passion for ALL things wedding & girly. Matt and I still have a wedding website, but now the blog is it’s own entity. I’m excited 🙂

I’ll be continuing to document Matt and I’s journey through engagement & wedding planning but I also have some other fun things I can’t wait to start sharing too! Be on the lookout for tons of fun posts, multiple times a week. Please keep commenting, asking questions and SUPPORTING me… y’all rock!

Enjoy looking around and getting acquainted with this new blog! I hope you like it 🙂

always, kat



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